DDP Configurator

Available bandwith

2.2 GB/s

microDDP 2 x 10GbE


Dimensions (D x W x H)

Package Dimensions (D x W x H)

Maximum power consumption

Power consumption cost ($/€)

Cost of electricity (Cent per kWh)

Storage capacity



Usable capacity

Reserved capacity

RAID protection


When transcoding operations are part of the workflow, it is recommended to select a Hybrid or SSD model

Required bandwith

800 MB/s

Raw bandwith

2.2 GB/s

per hour

Bandwidth usage


Codec 1

Codec 2

Codec 3

Codec 4

Codec 5


The above figures are for informative purposes only.
Actual results may vary depending on factors like the number of desktops, the OS and software application, read/write operations, frame size and clips length, as well as network infrastructure.
Required bandwith

800 MB/s

Available bandwith

2.2 GB/s

Throughput usage

Onboard ports

250 MB/s

Network card 1

0 MB/s

Network card 2

0 MB/s

Unused bandwidth

1950 MB/s


The system available bandwith cannot be fully used on the microDDP with 7 x 1GbE onboard ports.


The above figures represent the maximum theoritical throughput values.
Actual performance is lower due to limitations of the TCP/IP standard.

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Available options and system configuration may vary depending on the region.

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